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Odourless Pizzles

Odourless Pizzles

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Air-dried odourless beef pizzle sticks with no additives. These are long-lasting chews without the stinky smell. Ideal to keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean thanks to their firm and fibrous texture. 

🥩 High in protein - 100% beef

 ❌ Free from grains, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives

 🐶 Suitable for puppies of 12+ weeks

These are some of the most longer-lasting chews. They are 15cm long. As a natural product, each pizzle will have different diameters.

Give it to your dog when you want to have quiet time e.g. if you have family around for a meal, if you need to get a few zoom calls done or to help them decompress & relax after a stressful day.

You can choose how many pizzles you want to have. Minimum of 2.

Ingredients: 100% beef pizzle

Nutritional Analysis: Protein 85.4%, Moisture 7.3%, Fat 4%, Ash 1.6%


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