About us

During the pandemic, we welcomed Hugo, our crazy cockapoo, and soon realised the challenges of finding the best food and treats for him. Over the past three years, we've worked with the UK's top dog behaviourists, deepening our understanding of dog behaviour, well-being, and the importance of high-quality treats for training.

This journey led to the creation of Hugo's Favourites—a one-stop shop offering busy dog owners a handpicked selection of high-quality treats, emphasising nutrition, variety, and appropriate use for training. Our games and tips on how to use each type of treat (checkout our Instagram) ensures you get the most out of them.

Our brand is dedicated to enriching the lives of dogs (and their owners!) through delicious, nourishing, and diverse treats that positively reinforce the behaviours we expect from our dogs.

If you're looking for nutrition-packed variety and usage ideas, you've come to the right place! We hope you and your pup adore our carefully curated, ever evolving selection.

Hugo and Paula x