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Rabbit Pate

Rabbit Pate

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Grain-free pate made with fresh, human-grade, Rabbit meat. 

Pate tends to be a high-value treat and most of our clients use them to reward hard things like recall or in agility classes. You can also use them in enrichment activities like kongs, licki mats, or inside a hollow chew.

Once opened, store in the fridge for up to 7 days. It is suitable for freezing and will last 6 months frozen.

This pate is naturally low in fat (10%). Each tube contains 400g.

Ingredients: 94% rabbit meat, 4% sweet potato, 2% vitamins & minerals.

Nutritional analysis: Protein 14.8%, Fat 10%, Ash 2.1%, Fibre 1.8%, Moisture 66.1%

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