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Hugo's favourites

Parma Ham Bone

Parma Ham Bone

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Naturally air-dried and lightly smoked to ensure no splintering occurs.

This bone is a great long-lasting chew, especially for larger dogs. 

When Hugo has these, he will drink his entire bowl of water afterwards so please ensure your dog has drinking water at all times. When he has meaty bones that are salty, I find that the next day he has a very dry yellowish poop. Every dog is different but be mindful that their poo might be different the next day. 

Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight. 

📸 Model : @harper_the_border_collie

Ingredients: 100% pork

Nutritional analysis: Protein 64% Fat: 10.2% Moisture: 8% Ash: 6% Fibre: 13%

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