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Beef achilles tendons - 150g

Beef achilles tendons - 150g

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Roasted and air-dried Beef Achilles Tendons. These are great long-lasting chews for small and medium dogs.

🐶 Suitable for dogs over 6 months
🍗 High in protein
⏳ Long-lasting chew 

Use them to reward your dog while you're eating meals or watching TV so they stay in their bed or when you want them to settle in public spaces e.g. the park, a pub, a restaurant.

Available in c. 150g packs (2-4 tendons). 
Please note that due to the nature of the product, each tendon has different shapes and sizes.

Ingredients: 100% beef tendon

Nutritional analysis: Protein 89%, Fat 3.3%, Moisture 6.3%, Ash 1.4%

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