Why novel proteins for dogs are more than just a passing trend

In the world of pet nutrition, the quest for optimal health and wellness for our loyal companions is ever-evolving. There's a lot of interest in novel proteins - but what exactly does that term mean? Simply put, a "novel" protein is one which is rare and "new" to your dog. These novel ingredients not only tantalize your pup's taste buds but can also offer a plethora of health benefits. Let's delve deeper into why novel proteins are gaining such momentum.

Diverse nutritional profile:

Mass market dog treats often rely on the most common proteins like chicken and beef. While there is nothing wrong with these proteins, by introducing novel proteins such as venison, duck and rabbit you will be providing your dog with a wider array of essential nutrients. Each protein source offers a unique blend of amino acids, vitamins and minerals - enriching your pup's diet and promoting overall health.

Reducing food sensitivities:

Food sensitivities in dogs are more prevalent than many pet parents realise. Common protein sources such as chicken and beef can trigger reactions and digestive issues in some pups. By diversifying the proteins you offer your dog, you can reduce the risk of triggering any sensitivities.  And for those dogs who already have known issues and experience serious symptoms from certain proteins, novel protein treats offer pup parents an opportunity for a worry-free treat time.  

Novelty and variety:

Just like humans, dogs appreciate variety in their diet. Changing up their treats not only offers health benefits but it also improves your training journey with your pup. Treat fatigue is a thing! So if you're not getting the results you want when training your dog, try adding more variety of proteins to your treat cupboard and watch that tail wag!  Exotic proteins like kangaroo are irresistible to most dogs we've met!

Supporting small businesses:

The rise of novel proteins opens up opportunities for small scale producers and niche businesses. Local farmers and sustainable suppliers often specialise in unique protein sources, resulting in high quality ingredients for our pets. Supporting these businesses leads to a more diverse and sustainable pet food industry.

Hugo's Favourites specialise in natural treats and have many novel protein, often single ingredient treat options for your pups to explore enjoy.

Because all dogs deserve delicious, healthy treats.



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