Seven ways to use your dog's favourite pate

This incredibly versatile treat for your dogs can be used in so many ways.  These are some of our favourites.

1. As a high value training treat

Dice into small pieces and use for any activities requiring a high value reward. Recall, agility or maybe learning a complicated new trick.... what will you use it for? Remember you can freeze any leftovers and just grab a handful before each training session.  

2. As a food topper

Try adding a few bits of pate to your dog's usual food - whatever your feeding choice - for an extra exciting mealtime.  Then simply stand back and watch that tail wag.

3. In food enrichment toys and games

Mash or grate it onto lickmats, stuff it into kongs. You can even freeze to make a longer lasting game. A little goes a long way so you can also mix it with a lower value treat. Let the delicious smell of the pate keep your dog entertained while you have a work zoom meeting or just relax on the sofa in the evening.

4. To hide medication

We all mean to train cooperative care, but in reality how many of us have actually succeeded?!  If your dog needs to take a tablet, why not hide it inside a delicious piece of their favourite flavour pate. Most dogs won't even notice it's there! I bet they'll be reminding you it's medication time after a few days!

5. Scentwork

Dog's noses are incredible. And did you know that 10 minutes sniffing is really tiring for them and can be equivalent to an hour's walking.  So if you're late home from work and don't have time for a walk, find a patch of long grass, scatter some pate and let your dog sniff it out. Or you could hide it in various places for them in the house or outside and watch them find it.  Video their searches for some excellent ASMR social media content. We all love the sound of a good sniff !

6. To make dried treats

Do you already dehydrate meat and veggies for your dog? Why not try dehydrating some training treat size pieces of their favourite pate flavour to use as crunchy treats.

7. To stuff inside long lasting chews 

Take a natural chew such as one of our tracheas and stuff some pate inside for an extra delicious treat. You can also freeze these to create a longer lasting chew.

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